Beautiful Skin

What you need to pay attention to in skin care for healthy, beautiful skin

In general, it is important to always adapt skin care to your own skin. But there are certain rules that make every skin even more beautiful and healthy. The best thing is that all these tips are easy to implement and are suitable for all age groups for both women and men.

1. Sufficient liquid

It is especially important for beautiful skin to drink enough, the better the water (tap or mineral water). If it is too tasteless, you can also drink tea or add a natural taste to the water (e.g. with a few drops of lemon). You should take at least 2 litres of liquid every day.

2. Healthy food for healthy skin

Skin needs the right vitamins and minerals to be beautiful. Fresh food is best suited for this. Those who like to use ready-to-use products, fast food and sweets often pay for it with a pale complexion or even with pimples. Frying food should also be largely avoided.

3. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol removes moisture from the skin and makes it less healthy. The permanent consumption of alcohol also promotes the formation of pronounced wrinkles.

4. Avoid smoking

The enjoyment of tobacco products also interferes with the development of moisture in the skin, so smokers and passive smokers, especially in old age, can expect to see more wrinkles.

5. Optimal moisture

In winter, the indoor air is often too dry. Heating removes extra moisture from the air. Air conditioning systems can also be responsible for air that is too dry. This causes the skin to dry out. A room humidifier can help here.

6. Do not touch the face

Our hands are exposed to bacteria that hide all day long, so we should avoid touching our face with unwashed hands. Regularly disinfecting everyday objects such as the telephone or computer keyboard can also be helpful.

7. Sport is also healthy for the skin

Exercise ensures pleasant circulation throughout the body and thus supports the skin. Outdoor sport in particular is a fountain of youth for the skin, because oxygen is also good for beautiful skin.

8. Adequate sleep

For a healthy complexion, it is also important to get enough sleep every day. Ideally, you sleep continuously for 7 to 8 hours a night. Compensating for an existing sleep deficit helps the body, but the skin only benefits from adequate sleep on a regular basis.

9. Cleansing the skin

Generally avoid cleaning products that are aggressive to the skin. Clear water and mild cleansing lotions are always preferable so as not to further irritate the skin.

Cleansing lotions are always preferable so as not to irritate the skin.

10. Night care

During the night, high-quality night care products can penetrate and care for the corresponding skin areas.

11. Daycare

It is best to use a course of care that you have had good experiences with and are comfortable with. Of course, the care products should be tailored to the needs of your own skin.

12. Sun protection

In order to avoid skin damage and faster aging of the skin, care should be taken all year round in the sun to take care of the right skin with the appropriate sun protection factor. Many cosmetic products already contain a sun protection factor, please note this when purchasing.

13. Note the season

In winter, the skin needs more oily skin care due to the dry parts and the cold compared to the other seasons. Lighter cosmetics should be used in summer.

14. Avoid stress

Stress in particular can leave its unpleasant marks on facial skin. After all, the skin is also a mirror of the soul. With the right creams, you can reduce these signs, the best help is to allow yourself enough time to calm down.

15. Adapting skin care to your age

In order to maintain beautiful skin over the long term, you should always adapt the treatment series to your age. The needs of the skin change over time and cosmetic manufacturers have also taken this into account by offering age-appropriate care products.

16. Regular use

Products that have a positive effect on your skin should also be used regularly. This is the only way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful in the long term.

17. Appropriate skin care

Make sure to apply a thin layer of skin care products and then gently massage them into the skin.

18. Peeling and masking as a weekly ritual

The peel removes skin residues so that the complexion becomes finer and pores are freed. Treat yourself to a nourishing mask once a week to provide the skin with extra nutrients or nourishing moisture. Select a mask here that best supports the skin at the time of application. For example, it is recommended to use moisturizing variants during the dry season.

19. Beautician as needed

A professional facial can do wonders, especially when you’re struggling with sub-units of the skin. A beautician can quickly clean clogged pores, making the skin look much more beautiful after a short treatment. The beautician can also give good advice on appropriate skin care products.

20. Beauty bath

A bath with the right additives gives the skin cells the nutrients they need to look smooth, healthy and beautiful. Milk baths and other bath mixtures with special oils, fats, minerals and vitamins are ideal, for example.

If you take the 20 best tips for beautiful skin to heart, even older skin can become young and fresh again. At the very least, it is advisable to incorporate some of the tips into daily skin care to keep your skin healthy.