The Best Advice To Treat And Prevent Cellulite

Almost all women experience the annoying problem of unsightly bumps, which are usually visible on the thighs and buttocks. But the good news is that there are many effective methods for cellulite.

Cellulite – these are the causes

The causes of cellulite are very simple: weak connective tissue and / or excess weight. Here the fat tissue changes and the skin looks like an orange, which is why cellulite is often called orange peel skin. In some cases, weight loss also eliminates cellulite. However, there are also very thin women (by the way, cellulite occurs only in very few cases in men) who have cellulite, which is then due to weak connective tissue.

With simple tips and the right lifestyle, this can almost completely disappear.

Creams for cellulite

There are now many creams on the market that are supposed to help fight cellulite. Unfortunately, most of them do not keep their promise. Because the preparation always depends on the right application and the right ingredients.

It is ideal to apply the cream directly to the problem areas in the morning and then massage it into the area of the lymph nodes in the groin area between the pubic area and the hip. This activates the lymph nodes so that the body purifies itself at this stage.

In this context, special creams with hormones have also proved their worth. However, these are not free to buy in pharmacies, they must be prescribed by a doctor. They contain male hormones, so that the structure of the connective tissue changes, so to speak, and thus becomes more stable over time. Products containing caffeine are also good.

Best Cellulite Creams:

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Cellulite killer: Sport

What many people forget is that exercise is one of the most curative remedies for cellulite. It not only stimulates fat burning, but also tightens the skin and annoying bumps disappear. Sports such as swimming, jogging, cycling or BOP gymnastics, which are offered by many fitness centres, are ideal. All these sports strengthen the leg muscles and purify the body.

Good nutrition

Another important point is nutrition. Whole foods, little carbohydrates, little meat and lots of fruit and vegetables should be regularly on the menu. This diet is the perfect prerequisite for a healthy metabolism. A healthy diet can permanently improve cellulite, especially when it is not yet so pronounced.

If you suffer from severe cellulite, there is little you can do with the diet alone. It is important to cover the 3 areas mentioned in the form of a healthy diet, a regular sports programme and appropriate creams. Drink is also important: 2 to 3 litres a day are essential.

An overview of other cellulite killers:

Exfoliation: A daily exfoliation not only improves the body’s micro-circulation, but also removes flakes. In problem areas, this leads to significantly softer, smoother and pinker skin. You can simply peel off.

– Peeling coffee helps to combat this. The active ingredients in coffee (in the form of coffee grounds) give the skin elasticity, while the small granules promote blood circulation during massage. The cosmetics industry has long since discovered coffee as a beauty product: caffeine is not only contained in shampoos to stimulate hair growth, but also in creams and peels to drain skin tissue and promote fat loss.

Massages: Massages stimulate blood circulation and fat burning. If cellulite is associated with water retention and swelling, a professional massage works wonders.