skincare products

In addition to natural skin care products such as your own fat production and advice on nutrition and physical activity, there is a whole range of products that are offered for skin care.

Foot care products

The skin on our feet also needs the necessary care.
Foot cream or foot balm are generally used in foot care to treat rough areas, especially on the heel, and urea is often used as an additive. There are also foot creams for skin care of stressed and tired feet, here substances such as arnica or menthol are used.

Hand care products

For hand care, a hand cream is usually offered, but also a hand balm or lotion. Hand cream may contain oils, vitamins or active ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile or almond milk. Hand care products moisturize the skin, make it supple and prevent hands from becoming rough. Hands can become rough especially in winter and should therefore be cared for with a suitable product.

Skin cream

Skin creams consist at least of water and fat and are stabilized with emulsifiers. Other ingredients are also added to improve skin care (such as vitamins). A distinction is made between water-in-oil emulsions (oily, therefore suitable for dry skin) and oil-in-water emulsions (higher water content, therefore suitable for oily skin).

Body lotion

A body lotion is a more fluid form of skin cream or body lotion, which is usually quickly absorbed through the skin. Oils (such as jojoba oil), vitamins (such as vitamins) or other nourishing substances (such as aloe vera) are often added to the body lotion.

Body lotion

Body lotion is fattier than body lotion and is therefore not absorbed as quickly. This makes it easier for clothes to stick to the body.

Lip care

For lip care, there are lip creams, lip balms and lip sticks that provide the lips with moisture and grease to prevent dry, chapped and brittle lips.


The use of masks extends mainly to the face, neck and décolleté. There are different types of masks, such as moisturizing masks, cleansing masks and soothing masks. Masks are available for all skin types, so anyone with dry, oily, sensitive or impure skin can use a mask.

Cleansing milk

The cleansing milk is available with a wide range of additives, so that a gentle facial cleansing is possible for every skin type.


The best known skin care product is laundry soap. The first soaps in their present form would have been produced as early as the 7th century. Soaps are mainly made of vegetable or animal fats. The soaps are mixed with nourishing and scented additives for domestic use. Since soap also removes the body’s own fats (moisture), we do not recommend using it, at least not on dry skin.


A tanning cream that darkens the skin without being exposed to dangerous sunlight. The effect usually lasts only a few days.

Sun cream

Sunscreen is a skin cream with a sun protection factor to protect the skin from dangerous UV-A UV-B rays.