Cleansing The Skin

Cleansing of the skin

Skin cleansing is part of the daily skin care program, which is used both in the morning and in the evening.

Skin care always includes deep cleansing of our skin. This is the only way to keep it beautiful and healthy.

A wide range of agents and water are used to try to give the skin a fresh appearance. Most of the time, however, people don’t realize that the wrong product can cause more damage and skin irritation. There are small clues with which, depending on the skin type, optimal skin cleansing is possible.

Cleansing our skin is always the beginning of a skin care program. It removes dirt and excess sebum. In general, it can be said that skin cleansers are among the most important products in skin care. They should be used daily before using other skin care products.

Is there enough tap water to cleanse the skin?

Water helps to remove dirt from the skin, but water only removes water-soluble substances. A very important factor in skin cleansing is the removal of sebum, which can only be removed by fat-soluble substances such as skin cleansing agents. Bacteria are also bound in sebum, which should certainly be removed, so it is not enough to cleanse your skin with tap water. This is all the more true for oily and subunit skin.

Even those who do not wear make-up must use a cleansing product, otherwise the excess sebum will not be removed.

Soap for skin cleansing.

The most popular skin cleanser for many people is still soap. It has been used to cleanse the body for thousands of years. The ingredients have improved considerably over the last few decades. Conventional soaps often have too high a pH value. Although the pH of our skin is 5.5, it often has a pH of eight and above. This attacks our skin’s protective acid mantle and often leads to dry skin, which also promotes the formation of acne.

Skin cleansing should always be adapted to the skin type.

Good skin cleansing depends mainly on your skin type. While clear water is sufficient for normal skin care for normal skin, caution is recommended for sensitive skin. Water can dry out the skin, so that the protective function is lost. Consequences include redness or a feeling of tightness or even peeling of the skin. There are special cleansing emulsions available that soothe the skin and always remove the smallest particles of dirt or flakes deep down. In addition to the cleansing milk, there are cleansing and toning gels for the face that complete the cosmetic range for skin cleansing.

It is advisable to use a cleansing gel for oily skin, while cleansing lotions and oils are more suitable for dry skin. With normal skin you are more flexible, a mild cleansing foam is usually sufficient.

Whoever uses make-up needs a deep cleansing of the skin.

It is particularly necessary to cleanse the skin after applying make-up. Modern cosmetics allow the skin to breathe and barely clog pores, but to allow the skin to recover from make-up and powder, cleansing the skin before going to bed is essential. In addition to cleansing milk, there are also facial tonics specially designed to easily remove make-up and cosmetics. The area around the eyes should be cleared of mascara with special cleansers.

Most of the make-up tools used are waterproof and cannot be removed properly with normal cleansers. For the sake of your skin, cleansing should not be avoided even after the longest night.

Skin cleansing for pathological skin changes.

If there are already pathological skin changes such as acne, special attention should be paid to cleansing the skin. Most of the time, conventional cosmetic and skin care products are more likely to aggravate the skin. However, the skin is also sensitive to fungi and other pathogens and the natural protective barrier is destroyed. Even if allergies are known to occur, care should be taken so that the skin is not further irritated and tightened. Before experimenting with skin cleansing, professional help should be sought from beauticians or a dermatologist.

Facial tonic for cleansing the skin

It is also important to buy a product that is adapted to the skin type corresponding to the tonic so that it does not damage the skin rather than help. A facial toner completes a skin cleansing in which the skin is soothed and cared for. But there are also invigorating variants that give the right dose of freshness for the day.

Scrub for skin cleansing

Basic skin cleansing includes at least one weekly peel, especially for oily skin, to maintain a radiant complexion. This can also counterbalance skin sub-units. In all cases, the skin is optimally freed from dirt particles and dead skin cells. Try it with something, everyone will find a favourite product suitable for skin peeling. There are different variations, but agents that should dry the skin should be avoided.

Cleansing masks for skin cleansing

As an alternative to peeling, there are first-class cleaning masks that have a similar effect. There are also a variety of skin care products here and everyone should look at which mask they would like to use.

Cleansing wipes for skin cleansing

Cleaning wipes are ideal for cleaning during the day, as usually only mild and nourishing substances are used. This prevents skin irritation and yet cleaning is possible at any time. Of course, you should only use the wipes with light pressure to avoid skin irritation.

How often should I cleanse my skin?

Excessive skin cleansing can dry out the skin because the protective layer of the skin is disturbed. Anyone who cleans their face in the morning and evening does everything correctly. Those who tend to dry the skin can do a shorter cleansing in the morning. Warm water without any additives is sometimes sufficient. If the skin is oily, an anti-sebum skin cleanser can be used twice a day.

What product do I need to cleanse my skin?

Even mild skin cleansers contain enough substances to remove dirt and oil. Since these agents are not too harsh on our skin, they seem to be ideal for most people.

If you tend to have dry skin after showering or bathing, you need to pay attention to moisturizing ingredients. An ideal conclusion is a body lotion for the shower, which is simply sprayed on. Of course, you can also simply apply cream after the shower, if you prefer.

Cleansing the skin is part of a healthy body and therefore also part of a well-groomed appearance. Not only because the skin is the greatest barrier against germs and other environmental influences. The choice of the right cleaning products depends on skin type and other factors. However, in order not to damage the skin, the right product should always be used.

The skin only seems to forgive all the wrong steps, which usually only become visible in old age. Therefore, pimples and other warning signs should always be taken seriously and the cleaning and care routine should be adapted to the skin type.