Proper skin care is an essential part of a healthy and vital lifestyle. Our exterior is a reflection of our interior, so we must treat our skin very well.

In addition, the outward appearance plays a special role today, as a healthy appearance can also bring social benefits.

Modern skin care is much more than the application of an anti-aging cream. Skin care requires knowledge of your own skin type and external influences (such as the season) in order to achieve optimal results. Comprehensive skin care should always include cleansing and skin care, including a healthy diet and exercise. Sufficient sleep should also be ensured.

Our skin has to cope with a multitude of stresses every day. Pollutants, dry air and especially UV rays can damage our skin. With the right skin care you can counteract this process externally.

Indeed, there are a variety of skin care products available. We will help you find the most suitable skin care product for your needs.

With the right care, virtually anyone can achieve healthy and beautiful skin.

Those who only start skin care at an advanced age will find it increasingly difficult to hide the signs of progressive skin aging.

However, it’s never too late to change life in a positive way.

The most common skin types

Oily skin is associated with increased fat production. With the right care products, shiny skin and blemishes can be avoided.

Mixed skin is a combination of oily and dry skin that balances out in old age, but still requires very special skin care.

Dry skin Dry skin produces too little moisture and therefore requires the right care to prevent or counteract cracks, redness and wrinkles.

Women’s skin care also depends on their respective living conditions. Hormonal fluctuations also influence the selection of skin care series.

As far as skin care for men is concerned, special attention must be paid to take into account the different skin conditions of men.

Cellulite is one of the biggest skin problems facing women in particular. There are a variety of treatment methods for cellulite and also for prevention.

Sensitive skin sensitive skin needs intensive but gentle care. This is the only way to avoid skin irritation and the skin becomes healthy and beautiful again.

Skin aging can be delayed with the right care. The most important tips for delaying the aging process of the skin.

Skin care products are available for almost every part of the body. Since different areas of the body also have different needs, it makes sense not only to have a cream for the whole body.

Natural skincare promises healthy skin with vegetable raw materials without dubious additives. This care must also always be adapted to the skin type.

Spring skin care Spring skincare should compensate for the lack of moisture in winter. The skin should now also be prepared for warmer temperatures and stronger sunlight.

Skincare in the summer not only includes good sun protection against UV rays, but must also take into account the fact that the skin has more moisture reserves than in winter.

Autumn skincare Autumn skin care provides the best advice on how to care for your own skin during the cooler transition period.

Winter skincare should be adapted to the winter dryness caused by cold air and heated rooms. Your skin now needs a boost of moisture.

Nutrition for the skin for the skin with the best food for a good appearance. What’s the best way to take care of skin from the inside out?

Dark circles are easy to hide or can be fought naturally. We show which methods give a new face to the face.

The 20 best tips for beautiful skin explain how to achieve a healthy, youthful complexion with simple means and keep it that way for the long term.

The mature skin of older people needs special skin care. We will show you what to look for in order to have beautiful skin even in old age and which care products are best suited for this.

Baby skincare for children’s skin needs to be particularly moisturizing. Since children’s skin is more easily affected by environmental influences, it is important to care for it intensively.

Who needs skin care?

Even as a child, you should at least pay attention to appropriate sun protection.
With age, it is not only necessary to treat the skin problems that occur, but also to take care of the skin as a preventive measure. This is just as important for men as it is for women these days, as women have to do a few extra things when using make-up.
In old age, it’s ultimately about keeping your skin healthy for as long as possible.
Care for all skin problems

There is no miracle cure for all skin problems because the skin reacts individually to influences. However, there are corresponding care products for all common skin problems.

You can soothe irritated skin with the right skin care products.

With the right care, dry skin becomes smooth and soft again.

Acne-prone skin becomes smooth and pure again with the right skin care products.

Skincare for a better well-being

The skin is not only one of the most important and important organs, but also of great importance for your own well-being. Yet there are many people who do not care about skin care, although there are good reasons for this.

It has been proven that the skin is a reflection of your soul. If you don’t feel well, the skin can react quickly. Irritation and other skin irritations can be the unpleasant consequence of stress or other psychologically related living conditions. Proper skin care plays a crucial role here, especially for sensitive skin.

The skin envelops the human body. If the skin is nurtured and cared for, it has a softer effect. The individual feels comfortable.

Skincare to prevent skin diseases

The opposite conclusion is that it can therefore be cited as an important reason for daily skin care that skin diseases can be prevented. Dermatologists recommend long-lasting and regular skin care, as this can protect people of all ages from disease. Skin diseases such as acne during puberty, psoriasis or neurodermatitis can seriously limit your quality of life. This in turn leads to mental imbalance and can even lead to mental illness. A well cared for skin therefore contributes greatly to general well-being and also signals a positive and pleasant appearance to the other person.

Skincare supports the protective mantle

As an active respiratory organ with a protective acid mantle (pH value 5.5), the skin also protects the body against bacteria, foreign bodies and other disorders. Regardless of the temperature, people can rely on their natural protective mantle for effective skin care.

Skincare to combat environmental pollution

It also applies that the skin is exposed to many environmental impacts every day, which can only be countered with the right skin care. But not only does a suitable sunscreen have to be adapted to the respective skin type in summer. Winter athletes in particular often forget that the skin is also exposed to strong UV rays in winter. The skin must be sufficiently protected from this. The change from cold to warm temperatures in winter also means stress for the skin. Therefore, skin care must be provided with sufficient moisture.

But not only environmental influences, but also your own lifestyle can be clearly visible on the skin. Alcohol or an unbalanced diet are reflected in oily or irritated skin. This can also lead to premature ageing of the skin and wrinkles.

Too little moisture leaves the skin pale and dry. In order to counteract and prevent these negative symptoms, it is not only advisable to adapt external skin care to the respective skin types, but also to do something for a healthy complexion from the inside. Adequate hydration and a healthy diet are only part of the necessary care.

Skin care to protect against external influences

Skin Care Tips Another aspect that speaks for daily skin care is the fact that the skin forms an important barrier. This not only offers protection against mechanical influences, but also against a large number of other pollutants, microorganisms or germs.

If the complexion is disturbed because there is no or poor skin care, the protective effect is no longer optimal. The skin becomes rough, cracked and dry or forms pimples as a warning signal.

For example, bacterial disorders or fungal diseases can occur and require special treatment for a long time. Often only a visit to a dermatologist can remedy this.

Healthy, supple skin provides reliable defense against harmful substances and pathogens.

Skincare as a vital source of protein and energy

The two upper layers of the skin carry out very complex metabolic processes. These are mainly based on protein metabolism and energy generation. In addition, human skin contributes significantly to the natural absorption of vitamin D by the sun. This important vitamin ensures effective and long-lasting maintenance of the bones. It also plays a role in healthy bone growth during childhood.

Skincare provides natural temperature control

Thanks to a complex communication system, the skin ensures that the human body can always work under ideal temperature conditions. At 37 degrees Celsius, all vital organs function at their best. Outside temperatures play no role here, because the human skin ensures balance. Useful functions such as sweating ensure that the body does not overheat. This process is supported by appropriate skin care.

Long-term storage for all cases

The skin stores a large amount of essential fats in the area of the lower tissues. In the event of a shortage, these important body processes are made available. The skin also stores water and other vitamins (E, A) in this area. Beta-carotene and provitamin A are also included here. Good skin care thus ensures the effective maintenance of the storage tank of an important body.

The skin stimulates the senses

Gentle skin care is an effective means of relaxation for many people. This is because all kinds of stimuli such as pressure, touch, heat or cold are absorbed directly by the skin. These reach the brain via receptors and transmit individual perceptions.

Errors in skin care

Bad skin care products can make skin problems worse. It is always necessary to pay attention to the respective needs of the skin, even if it may mean that you have to part with the skin care products you like.

Ideally, you not only get a remedy, but you also take into account the respective advice to control the skin problems.

Skin functions

If you take good care of your skin, you’re not only doing something good for the outward appearance, but you’re also helping to maintain the skin’s functionality.

It has already been mentioned that the skin offers good protection against negative environmental influences. It also protects us from internal dryness and our thermal balance is regulated by the skin.

As a sensory organ, it ensures that we can perceive stimuli such as pain or temperature changes.

The best skincare products

Good skin care is individually different and always depends on the respective skin type. That is why there are special recommendations in the individual sections, which have proven to be particularly good in the past.

The optimal skin care effort often becomes noticeable after only a few applications and is also the basis for beautiful, living skin throughout life.