Make-up Mirror

Make-up mirrors make our lives much easier. Because nowhere else is it possible to apply make-up so well in front of such a mirror. Unlike the bathroom mirror, which is too high or too low, a cosmetic mirror can be perfectly adjusted.

Even if the light in the bathroom is not optimal, the obligatory bathroom mirror usually fails. Anyone who lives in a partnership knows that the partner always needs the bathroom mirror when you apply make-up.

Nothing worse than having to remove yourself with the mascara brush in your hand. Fly legs, blurred panda eyes and similar make-up disasters are then pre-programmed. That’s why all you have to do is create your own make-up mirror.

The selection is huge and even with little space, there are models that make your life easier. We have once summarized a good overview of the best cosmetic mirrors. Here you will surely find a suitable mirror for you.

Which make-up mirror should it be?

Apart from the question of the correct size, there are other options to consider. You can mount a make-up mirror firmly on the wall, choose a mirror to install or choose a portable model.

The larger the mirror, the more comfortable the make-up is. But a lot can be accomplished even with small mirrors. A nice size for little space measures about 20 cm in diameter. This is the size of a cake plate.

Round mirrors are preferred by most women, but you can also choose a square model. Once the size has been determined, you need to consider where the make-up mirror will fit.

Then you decide whether you want to use a mirror to hang it or choose a make-up mirror with a stand. The different models all have their advantages and it is advisable to think about your own habits before making up your mind.

Mirrors with stands often have two sides and can be easily turned with a slight tilting movement. One side is usually a magnifying mirror, which is very handy for fine work. Lighting also plays a role.

If you have a place that is well lit by daylight, this is ideal. Because daylight shows you exactly how you look outside.

Excessively bright powder shadows, visible concealer concealers or similar make-up accidents are spared by daylight. If this is not possible, a daylight lamp above the make-up mirror is a good alternative.

Neon light is not a good light source for make-up because it seems too hard. Contrasts are particularly visible under this light and there is a tendency to apply too much colour.

I find illuminated make-up mirrors particularly interesting. The illuminator is installed in the frame of this cosmetic mirror. Some devices run on batteries or rechargeable batteries and can be installed anywhere you like. But mains operation is also possible, there are even models that can be dimmed.

Do you need a magnifying mirror?

As already mentioned, there are make-up mirrors that show you everything magnified. Depending on the model, the magnification is 3 times, 5 times, 7 times or even 10 times. Now, this is not the case that in this case, the bigger the better.

For some women, it is almost scary to see pores or pimples at 10x magnification. So it depends on why you want to use a magnifying mirror. A 3x or 5x magnification is usually sufficient for detailed eye make-up.

The same applies to things like eyebrows, treating pimples or applying a lip pencil in a targeted manner. Higher magnifications are ideal if you need reading glasses. These compensate for your poor eyesight and allow you to work without glasses.

Magnifying mirrors with a second normal mirror side are ideal. This means that you can tilt the mirrors as required. By the way, it’s important to take care of the right part, because men appreciate a magnifying mirror when shaving.

If you don’t have space for an extra magnifying mirror, there are handy models with a suction cup that you can attach to the normal bathroom or bedroom mirror. This method is even an advantage for some, as the magnification and the normal mirror image are available side by side for comparison.

Hand-held mirror for moving around

You may be wondering why a hand mirror should be important. But mirrors, which are built into powder boxes, are usually not sufficient for intelligent make-up correction.

They are either smeared with powder dust or are simply too small. A good hand mirror prevents you from getting lipstick on your teeth or blurred kohl lines on your face.

A hand mirror with two sides is ideal. The magnification page is enough to find an eyelash in the eye or quickly correct other details. Many handbag models can be closed to keep the mirror surfaces clean.

Some mirrors even have built-in holders that can be unfolded if necessary. A good handbag mirror is certainly a useful tool that also does a good job when travelling.

Checklist for buying a make-up mirror

You already have a good idea which mirror suits you and your needs. So now make it a little shorter so that no point is overlooked.

  • Determine the size and location before you buy. This also determines whether a hanging mirror or a standing mirror is needed.
  • Consider the light source. Illuminated mirrors are ideal if you do not have daylight or a lamp on your cosmetic mirror stand.
  • Magnifying mirror or not? If you like a good job, you should consider a magnifying mirror, and spectacle wearers have their advantage too. A two-sided mirror is ideal, so that you can change at any time.
  • The size of the make-up mirror should never be too small. Anything less than 20 cm is only useful when you are on the move. After all, you want comfort.
  • Of course, budget is also important. Cheap make-up mirrors don’t have to be bad, but it is advisable to pay attention to critics.

Conclusion on make-up and cosmetic mirrors

No matter if you wear make-up regularly, a cosmetic mirror will guarantee you a good service. Because it is also very practical for cleaning, caring for and styling your skin.

Whenever it comes to details, buying a make-up mirror is really practical. The models with enlargement are ideal for dental care, hair removal and skin care.

For example, if you clean your face with a sonic brush, you can be especially precise by enlarging it.

Applications such as microdermabrasion are much easier in front of a cosmetic mirror.

A make-up mirror is therefore not only for women who like to wear make-up and often, but for everyone who appreciates a well-groomed appearance.