The appearance of wrinkles on the face, especially those around the mouth, has become a problem that haunts women and leads them to consult many doctors, especially plastic surgeons, unaware that there are health rules to which they can adhere to reduce these wrinkles, once scientists have known their cause.

The reason for the appearance of wrinkles in women

In this regard, a study conducted in the Netherlands, published in the Journal of Plastic Surgery, showed that the biological cause is mainly responsible for the increased susceptibility of women to the appearance of superficial and deep wrinkles around the mouth, compared to men.

The researchers found that women’s perioral skin tissue contains fewer sweat glands than men’s, which can directly affect the normal fullness of the skin. In addition, these tissues contain fewer blood vessels, which makes the blood flow in them, for women, much less than for men, especially since it is known that good blood circulation significantly reduces the incidence of wrinkles. Moreover, in women, the close adhesion of the muscle fibers surrounding the mouth to the middle layer of the skin plays a major role in the appearance of internal tensions that lead to the appearance of wrinkles in women.

Researchers added that understanding the reasons for the apparent difference in the mechanism of appearance of these wrinkles between the sexes will in turn allow the development of better techniques to treat them. There are two main reasons for the formation of wrinkles … the internal cause resulting from the genetic makeup (of organic origin) that we inherit. The external cause has external factors and influences related to the environment, such as sun exposure and others.

– Internal reason

Wrinkles of organic origin are considered a natural stage in a person’s life, and they begin in the mid-twenties, when collagen secretion begins to decrease. This substance gives the skin elasticity and tenderness and helps it stay as it is, where dead skin cells change and do not leave behind, living cells revitalize the skin again.

And generally, these changes occur, as mentioned, in the mid-twenties, where the signs of aging begin to appear gradually and slightly over the years, but wrinkles of internal origin do not appear at this time of life.

– External Cause

A number of external and environmental factors affect the skin during aging, and one of these external causes is sun exposure. Other external influences are frequent facial expressions, attractiveness and smoking.

– Effect of sunlight

Exposure to the sun for several minutes each day, and over time, there are noticeable changes in the skin such as freckles, pigmentation, thin veins on the face, skin roughness, simple wrinkles, the appearance of red spots on the skin and skin cancer due to sun exposure.

Skin signs and changes appear with age and repeated exposure to the sun, as the skin loses its ability to repair itself automatically and skin damage occurs. And scientific studies indicate that ultraviolet rays greatly affect the skin’s collagen and limit the regeneration of this substance. They affect the skin’s texture and make it lose its ability to recover, and the skin becomes soft, wrinkled and resistant to touch.

These signs can appear suddenly on the skin from one day to the next, and in fact they have been under the skin layer for a long time and are invisible to us, where infrared rays help to appear on the surface.

– Facial expressions

A woman’s frequent and excessive movements on the face lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. And every time you move the facial muscles, a space forms under the surface of the skin, and we notice this with facial expressions, and with age, the skin loses its elasticity and resilience and stops regenerating, and these spaces remain as they are in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.

– gravity

Usually, gravity pulls our body constantly, as changes in the body become apparent due to the phenomenon of gravity as we age in our fifties. And when the level of elasticity of the skin decreases rapidly, the signs of gravity on the body become clearly visible, as this leads to the sagging of the front of the nose, the lengthening of the ears, the sagging of the eyelashes, the lengthening of the lower jaw, the upper lip begins to decompose and the lower lip becomes clearly drooping.

– Smoker

Cigarettes cause many biological transformations and changes in the skin, which prematurely accelerate wrinkles. Studies indicate that a person who smokes ten or more cigarettes a day for ten years is certain to have deep wrinkles in the skin, the skin becomes less tender and if smokers smoke for a long time, a change in skin color to yellow is noticed.

These wrinkles and marks on the skin can be neutralized by quitting smoking. Even for people who smoked for several years and smoked a lot when they were young, slight wrinkles appeared and a positive change in the skin of the face occurred when they quit smoking.

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

If you are unable to maintain the freshness and integrity of the skin and neutralize the organic (genetic) wrinkles you have, you can preserve the skin by avoiding sun exposure, quitting smoking and staying as far away from muscles and facial expressions as possible. Avoiding exposure to the sun is recommended to reduce early wrinkles in the body, as it includes the following measures:

– Get away from sun exposure between ten o’clock in the morning and four o’clock in the evening, as the sun’s rays are at their strongest during this period.

– Wear long-sleeved sunscreen clothing that can be worn outside.

– Anti-UV preparations, which contain protective substances, should be used throughout the year, especially against ultraviolet rays. And it should be applied twenty minutes before leaving the house, and it should be reused after perspiring and after leaving the pool.