A lipstick or cleaning palm is actually in every woman’s handbag. But have you also thought about sun protection for a perfect kissing mouth?

Iskincaretips explains why you should also think about your lips when applying the cream and what care is most effective after a sunburn.

Take care of your lips in summer

The lips and especially the lower lips are among the most vulnerable areas of the body to sunburn. Due to the angle of the sun, they are always exposed to UV rays.

In addition, the thin skin of the lips is particularly sensitive because our body does not produce any protective melanin there. This is also the reason why we cannot tan at this stage of the body.

No callus formation

Another important skin protection mechanism is also suppressed: lips do not thicken after exposure to the sun – unlike the rest of the skin – and form hardly any so-called calluses that otherwise produce UV radiation.

Sunburn on the lips is just as dangerous as anywhere else in the body and can also lead to skin cancer. Therefore, always make sure you have sufficient sun protection for your lips – even in moderate sunshine.

UV protection in cosmetics

Stays at high altitudes, such as hiking or skiing in the mountains, on the water and in the south, require sunscreen with a high to very high sun protection factor for the lips.

When purchasing a lip product with a sun protection factor, be sure to pay attention to the type of UV filter used.

Physical UV filter

Physical filters act on the surface of the skin and are mainly made up of grinding minerals, which is why they are also called mineral filters.

Mineral filters trigger fewer allergic reactions and cannot disintegrate. An example of such a filter is the mineral titanium dioxide. This is one of the permitted UV filters that reflect light and act as a protective cover.

Chemical filters

These filters use organic compounds that convert UV radiation into heat and thus make it partially harmless.

Chemical filters often have undesirable side effects and can also have a hormonal effect on humans.

It is therefore essential to check the ingredients before using a special care product. The most important thing about sun protection is that the entire range of UVA and UVB rays is covered. UVB rays are very rich in energy and quickly trigger sunburn, while UVA rays penetrate deeper into the dermis and can also cause damage there.

Signs of sunburn on the lips

It’s hard to miss a sunburn on the cheeks, nose and chin. But how do you recognize a sunburn on your lips? The following characteristics indicate burning:

  • Dry patches and cracks (bloody) in the skin
  • Feeling of tension
  • Lips are warm
  • Strongly reddened lipstick
  • Swollen areas

Did you know that? The body does not usually reach the peak of a sunburn until 24 to 36 hours after the first signs. Check your lips and skin not just right after sunbathing.

What should you do if you get a sunburn on your lips?

Burning means an acute inflammation for the body, whose damage in the skin cells must be regenerated in the repair phase. An important point not to neglect is an adequate supply of fluids.

The following agents have a soothing effect on acute sunburn:

  • Aloe Vera – better in its pure form than aloe gel.
  • Refreshing and soothing lotions with dexpanthenol
  • Refreshing curd and honey (antibacterial)

Usually a sunburn (depending on strength) regenerates after one to two weeks. If the symptoms persist and do not disappear, you should certainly consult a doctor.