Many women are aware of the problem that their hair just doesn’t rest some days. You can do whatever you want, the result always looks the same. So it is good that there is a straightening iron. This can not only give hold, but also ensure that the hair curls well if you wish. Straightening has been a trend for a long time and is an ideal companion for women. The straightener is available in different versions, even battery-powered, if you want to take it with you when you travel.

What distinguishes a good straightener?

Every woman who wants to buy a new flat iron naturally asks herself what is important for a good product. A good straightener does not always have to be a branded product. It doesn’t always have to be expensive. But it should certainly have the following characteristics:

It should offer a smooth straightener that’s gentle on the hair.
The heating plates must absolutely be made of ceramic, in order to avoid damaging the hair.
There should be different heat levels and temperature sensors
The minimum heating time must not exceed 40 seconds.

These important factors must be taken into account when making a purchase in order to be satisfied with the product in the long term.

Who is the straightener suitable for?

The flat iron is suitable for all women who have to deal with unruly hair. You want to straighten straight hair and style it easily. Or for women who dream of curly hair without having to go to the hairdresser. The straightening iron is a very interesting and versatile appliance. It is now rarely absent in the bathroom, which is not surprising because it is so easy to use. The flat iron can be used with any length of hair. It is only important to always put individual strands of hair between the heating plates in order to get the best result. With short hair, it is a little more difficult, but with a little practice, women can quickly get by!

Flat iron for thick hair

If you have thick hair, it’s not always easy when it comes to styling. Sometimes hair can’t lie, no matter what you do. The straightener is therefore very suitable for thick hair. But in order to allow all the hair to benefit, the under-hair must first be straightened. The top coat is only treated at the very end. With thick hair, this means that patience and time are required. After all, you have to work strand by strand, if the hair is long, it can take a long time. But of course it’s worth the time, because this way you get tame thick hair and a beautiful hairstyle.

Flat iron for short hair

Short hair can be a real challenge for a flat iron. Because of course, you have to put this between the two hot plates. At first it may seem difficult, but with time you can easily understand. Watching videos where you learn how to style short hair with the straightener can help. Basically, it’s not that difficult. The strand is taken in the hand, better touched at the end of the hair and then the hair is placed between the plates. The straightener should not be too close to the scalp, even if the hair is short. Otherwise you can burn your scalp.

Manufacturers of straightening irons at a glance

There are many different manufacturers for the straightening iron. We would like to introduce some important brands here:

  • Braun
  • Remington
  • Grundig
  • Qualilux
  • Philips
  • GHD
  • Kipozi
  • Uspicy
  • Cloud Nine
  • Anjou
  • BaByliss
  • L`oreal

These alone offer a good selection. The right product can be found for every taste. The prices are of course very different, which is why it is worth comparing prices. Best on the Internet, where you can also find hair straighteners from all different manufacturers.

What does a good straightener do?

This question is of course justified. Because if you want to buy such a product, you want to be offered only good things. Therefore it is important to know what exactly you will receive in the package, what such a product should or must cost, what to consider when buying it and what temperatures the appliance should offer. These performances should always be kept in mind. However, we would like to go into the individual points in more detail to ensure that buyers can make a really good choice.

What temperatures does a good straightening iron produce?

The most common straightening irons produce temperatures between 120 and 230 degrees. Many offer temperature control so you can choose how hot you want it to be. The thinner the hair is, the lower the temperature should be to keep the hair beautiful from damage. The automatic temperature control ensures that the scalp and also the hair remain protected. There are even already good devices that have an automatic protection switch-off. This prevents the appliance from overheating. The sleep function is also very positive, especially if you have forgotten to switch off the device.

What should be considered when buying the straightening iron?

Bi a purchase is to pay attention to the material. Alone already on the heating elements. Full ceramic plates would be a very good decision. In addition, the ion technology is recommended, because it supplies the hair with moisture (from the air), which prevents damage to the hair. There are also other interesting devices, such as infrared technology or sound wave technology. These new technologies are also practical because they prevent electrostatic charging of hair.

The pliers of the straightening iron should preferably have a suspension. And an appliance without temperature control should never be purchased. It would also be good if the cable could be rotated, as this makes it much easier to use.

How much should a good straightening iron cost?

Opinions are often divided here. But the fact is that you can get a straightening iron for under 20 Euros. But if you want to buy a good product and expect the best quality, it is best to pay around 40-50 Euros. This gives you more certainty that you are buying an ideal product that can meet all requirements. If you buy on the Internet, you can compare not only prices but also device data and thus make the perfect purchase.

What is included in the delivery?

Not every purchase comes with a straightening iron and accessories. Many extras can be purchased later. But some devices offer more in the scope of delivery. Some products include hair care oil for the hair, another product includes the wave attachment, which creates a frizz effect. It is simply important to pay attention to the scope of delivery when buying the product itself. However, it must be said here that extras do not speak for the good quality of the hair straighteners. It would be more important to really pay attention to the performance of the appliance to really get a great benefit for yourself.

How do I use the straightening iron?

In order to enjoy a straightening iron for a long time, it should of course be used correctly. Only those who do this will be able to make friends with the appliance in the long run. If the straightener is used incorrectly, it can damage the hair quite quickly. It is important, for example, to take hair care seriously in advance, as the heat can otherwise cause many problems. You should not work without heat protection.

Straighten hair step by step with a flat iron.

The temperature must be adjusted before using the straightener. A temperature of 195 degrees is preferable for this hair, 165 degrees is sufficient for fine hair. Over 200 degrees, thick and fine hair can become detached.

Hair is only worked in strands with the flat iron. You can do this in advance so that you can work faster with the appliance. For this purpose, the hair is pinned with needles so that the upper hair is only worked with the appliance at the very end.

The straightener is always attached to the hair root and pulled in the direction of the hair ends. Of course, the appliance should never touch the scalp as it is very hot.