Skincare for children

The best care for children’s skin

Skin care is not only an important issue in old age. From the day of birth, the sensitive skin of infants is exposed to environmental influences in a wide variety of situations. The skin must be cared for accordingly in order to maintain its natural protective function. But even older children should not be neglected when it comes to skin care.

Children’s skin care is a sensitive issue because the skin is particularly demanding. There are special care products and even complete care series for infants and toddlers. Creams, ointments and other cosmetics should not be used for adults under any circumstances, as they can even damage the skin.

Children’s skin must be cared for

Caring for children doesn’t just start with the right cream. Already in the bathtub, a bath additive can take care of the skin and provide moisture. After that, a good moisturizer is necessary to maintain the natural moisture balance. Child-friendly skin care also plays an important role outside your own bathroom.

A high sun protection factor is necessary during sunbathing to prevent sunburn. Good skin care is important, especially after sunbathing, when already sensitive skin needs more care than usual. With poor or no care, children’s skin can quickly dry out and become scaly. This can lead to pathogens and other disease-causing agents penetrating through the protective skin barrier and damaging the body.

Skin care for baby and toddler skin

The skin of babies and toddlers is very sensitive and requires appropriate care. Environmental influences dry the skin even more quickly than in the elderly, which is why it is always necessary to provide the skin with the moisture it needs. Dandruff or redness and itching of the skin are obvious signs that the skin has not been sufficiently cared for. But don’t let it go that far for the sake of the child.

Skincare for children with dermatitis

Special attention is paid to the skin care of children with dermatitis. It is particularly important here that children’s skin care products do not contain any perfumes or additives. However, this has the disadvantage that the products do not last long. However, if stored in the refrigerator, the duration of use can be increased accordingly. In addition, urea, which increases the skin’s ability to bind water as an additive, should only be contained to a limited extent.

Children generally feel a burning sensation and discomfort when the concentration is too high. According to the clinical picture, the skin care of children should be discussed with the doctor to prevent the skin from getting worse.

Natural skincare for children

It is not always the most expensive cream for children’s skin care. Children’s skin care is not a problem with natural means either. The addition of almond oil with a little milk or even a bran bath can also moisturize children’s sensitive skin. Homemade creams and ointments are also a godsend for baby and infant skin. However, with chemical and natural substances, care must be taken to ensure that there are no allergies. Once the right skin care for children has been found, they should also be used over a longer period of time. Especially when young skin care is neglected at a young age, this becomes even clearer in later years.

Skincare for dry children

Children’s skin loses moisture with every wash, so it is important to use appropriate skin care products. Often, due to a lack of skin care, dry skin occurs, causing uncomfortable itching. With the right creams, you can re-grease your skin accordingly to prevent problems in time.

As environmental influences have a stronger effect on children’s skin than on adults, adequate precautions should always be taken. The supply of sufficient moisture is particularly important.