skincare nutrition

The best food for skincare from the inside out

Anyone who pays attention to the care of their own skin often forgets that sensitive skin care not only makes sense when used directly on the skin, but that many other circumstances have an impact on their own complexion.

A very important factor is to take care of our skin from the inside out. The individual nutritional components can have a positive or negative influence on the skin.

The healthiest water for skincare is water

Water in any form, pure or enriched with sparkling water, is the best product for the skin. It provides the necessary moisture from the inside to keep the skin supple. In addition, water also contains minerals that have positive properties for the health of our largest organ. The skin releases at least half a litre of water a day in the form of sweat and perspiration. Anyone who plays sports loses a lot more water, this deficit must be compensated for. Mineral water with an increased mineral content is best, so be sure to compare labels in the supermarket as well.

The best foods for skincare nutrition for the skin

Ideally, use foods rich in minerals and vitamins. B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and selenium are ideal for beautiful skin.

Spinach is a real miracle remedy for our skin, it is rich in minerals, contains antioxidants and also a lot of water.

It is appreciated for the B vitamins it contains and for its vitamin A, which protects the skin while helping to renew skin cells.

Vitamin C found in fruits (such as kiwi, berries and citrus fruits) helps regulate the water content of the skin.

Meat products are also important for the skin as they provide valuable B vitamins and zinc.

Vitamin preparations for skincare

People who do not get enough vitamins in their diet can at least sometimes take vitamin supplements. These can make up the shortfall, and fresh food should always be preferred if possible. In many cases, the individual nutritional components ideally complement each other, while vitamin pills contain only the active ingredient in isolation. Nevertheless, these pills are of course always better than avoiding vitamins altogether. It is preferable to use a preparation containing a variety of different vitamins to best support the skin.

Minerals for skincare

Our skin needs a number of minerals, especially to regulate the fluid. Minerals are also involved in the constitution of the skin’s components and its elasticity. Take this into account when developing your meal plan or take a supplement with minerals as a supplement.

Antioxidants for skincare

For the protection of the skin against free radicals, which also contribute to the formation of wrinkles, it is necessary to pay attention to a sufficient amount of vitamin E but also of Q10. Ideal foods for this are, for example, vegetable oils, nuts and spinach.

The skin also needs proteins and fats.

The skin also depends on proteins and fats, as both are needed to build new cells. Proteins are mainly found in meat, while your fat requirements must be met especially from vegetable oils.

Dietary fibers for skincare

A healthy intestinal flora is also extremely important for the skin. These support you best with fibre, which is not only found in whole grains, but also in fruit, vegetables and salads.

Poor nutrition for the skin

Alcohol is generally not good for the skin. This applies to both the liquid and hidden form as a food component. A small amount has no particular impact, but should not be underestimated. Alcohol is problematic for the skin because it removes moisture with all the negative properties of the complexion. Therefore, you should drink a glass of water from time to time to counteract this effect.

How do you eat ideally to do something good for your skin?

As already mentioned, the most important thing is to drink enough water, if you have a problem, you can also use herbal teas or highly diluted herbal teas and fruit juices. In general, it is advisable to pay attention to a balanced and varied diet, as it alone provides the most necessary substances for the skin and thus avoids skin blemishes. Deficiencies can be largely compensated for in the form of tablets (vitamins and minerals).