Losing weight on your face is difficult if you’re otherwise thin. Even so, there are ways to make a fat face look much thinner.

Have you been teased like a moon face since childhood? Unflattering swear words like “fat head” or “watermelon” often leave deep marks. Facial obesity is mainly genetic. This is especially the case when the rest of the body is of normal or thin weight. If you are one of those people who were teased because of their full cheeks as a child, you can take comfort in the fact that you are in good company. Renee Zellweger is just as famous for her full cheeks as Kate Bosworth, John Travolta or Russel Crow.

Tip 1: Lose weight on the face by reducing body fat

Those who naturally have a fuller face will keep it for the rest of their lives, as facial fat is somewhat reduced in old age. At least the proportions of the face and the relationship with the rest of the body will not change much. However, everyone who loses weight will eventually lose weight on their face. So, if you are not only overweight on the face, the first measure to lose weight on the face is to reduce the total amount of body fat. (my advice: Leptitox)

However, if you are otherwise thin or of normal weight, a diet is not suitable for losing weight on the face. Then, they should deprive themselves of the unhealthy underweight of today’s models so that there is nothing to see about dieting on their face. However, this is strongly discouraged!

Tip 2: Lose weight on the face through drainage

Weight loss on the face is sometimes possible through a change in diet. Although scientific statements are contradictory, many men and women report losing weight by largely avoiding sugar and salt.

High salt consumption can cause more water to be stored in the cells. It also makes the face thicker than it really is. If you do without extremely salty snacks for a while and reduce the salt content of foods to a reasonable level (not too little, as salt is vital), you can certainly lose weight on your face.

Eating too much carbohydrate can also lead to water retention on your face. In fact, people who start a low-carbohydrate diet usually lose up to two kilograms of pure water in the first few days. Such drainage also makes the face look narrower. However, don’t get rid of carbohydrates completely. Instead, reduce unnecessary and empty carbohydrates such as sugar or pure starch products and eat a balanced and healthy diet.

Ultimately, some medications also lead to increased water retention on the face. If this is the cause of a thick face, this should be discussed with the treating physician.

Tip 3: Make-up and the right hairstyle for a round face

With qualified make-up, you can also remove it from the face, at least visually. A slightly darker powder applied under the chin and shading the lower part of the cheeks makes the face appear narrower.

Try out different variations and see how your face looks slimmer with the targeted use of blush and powder. Professional make-up advice is available at many cosmetic institutes. You should certainly treat yourself to this luxury.

The right hairstyle is also crucial for a round face. You can lose weight on your face with a proper haircut and the use of highlights. In fact, a bad haircut makes a round face appear much thicker. Talk openly to your hairdresser about your problem. The problem of a good face is well known in good hair salons. There, you know exactly which hairstyle is the right one for a round face.