A lush, well-formed lash is part of a perfect look. Mascara makes tired eyes shine brighter and livelier in no time. But getting them is not always easy, as many things can go wrong when inking. Eyelashes can stick together, lumps can form or ugly legs can fly.

Therefore, you can find out in the last article of the EYVA blog how to apply mascara correctly and in the future you won’t have any problems with ink. You will enchant yourself with a perfect eyelash curl. Enjoy reading and copying!

Preparation with eyelash curler

Preparation is everything – this also applies to the correct inking of your eyelashes. To get eyelashes, you must first rotate the eyelash curler. This shapes the lashes. Place the tweezers on the base of the hairs and hold them for a few seconds with the tweezers. The procedure gives your lashes a nice rounded shape.

But beware! You can no longer shape lashes that have already been applied with the eyelash curler, because they are much more sensitive and can easily break or tear.

Additional tip: briefly heat the eyelash curler with a hair dryer before use. This allows the lashes to be curled even more effectively, giving them the ultimate curve.

Wash your eyelashes

After shaping your lashes accordingly, it is now time to use mascara. To prevent the lashes from sticking together, do not apply too much paint on the brush. It’s best not to dip the brush into the bottle several times, but to turn it once. When removing the brush, you must carefully wipe off excess paint from the edge.

Then place the brush parallel to your lashes at the base of the upper lash line. Then move the brush from left to right so that it surrounds all the bristles. Now roll the brush along the lashes to the tips. If you want more volume or more intense colour, simply repeat the process several times. You can wash the lower lashes by holding the brush straight.

Conceals small mistakes during inking

Even the best professional makes mistakes. If you make a mistake, don’t panic! However, you need to act quickly, because once mascara dries, it will smear quickly when you try to clean it.

In order not to leave any stains on your skin, you should carefully use a cotton swab to help you. Pass it over the “dirty” area until the mascara is removed. If your lashes have fly’s feet, you can remove the excess colour with an appropriate eyelash brush and separate the lashes properly.

Additional tip: a so-called eyelash brush is recommended for inexperienced people or those with a tendency to make mistakes. You put them on the lid so that if you slip them on, the ink doesn’t fall on your skin, but on the spoon!

Apply mascara correctly

Applying mascara correctly is not so difficult if you know how to do it and have a little practice. It takes time to do the exercise. But if you know the basics, you can perfect the application faster than someone who makes typical initial mistakes.

First you put on the mascara ready and anything else you might need later. This includes a make-up mirror with enough light, make-up removal wipes in case of problems and other cosmetics that you may need to apply properly after the mascara.

Not to be forgotten is the eyelash curler with which you can put the lashes in the right shape. You can’t necessarily compensate for this with mascara.

When everything is ready, you can start. First you have to wash your hands thoroughly, because in everyday life you touch many things that others already had in their hands. Now turn on the light so that you can see exactly what you have done and stand in front of the mirror.

Now move the mascara in a zigzag pattern from the inside to the upper lashes and apply the mascara correctly. In order to create the impression of longer lashes at the end, you have to paint the ends of the lashes again with the mascara brush. Next, the lower lashes.

Apply mascara correctly for more volume

To give more volume to the lashes, you can iron the lashes a second time with the mascara brush. If you like the length and volume of the lashes, be sure to compare the symmetry and appearance of both eyes. If in the end one eye looks completely different from the other, it will surely be noticed. If you notice any irregularities, correct them or reapply makeup. Especially when one eye can no longer be adjusted to the other by corrections.

You can simply wipe off the separate mascara on the lid with a QTip soaked in make-up remover. Once your eyes are perfectly made up, it’s best to store everything in your vanity case. So you’ll find everything quickly next time.

We still have a little insider tip. You can warm the eyelash curler slightly before use, so that you can shape the lashes even more easily and better. Don’t overdo it with heat. The hotter the metal, the more dangerous and unhealthy it is for the lashes in the long run.

How do I apply mascara?

In order to apply mascara correctly, it is essential that you follow the step-by-step instructions described at the beginning. Beginners in particular should take a lot of time for the first few times and better make-up for test purposes. For example, if you want to go to an interview and only have a certain amount of time before you get there, pressure can quickly build up. Therefore, you should have practiced beforehand to know how much time you need to plan and how to do it most skillfully.

The eyes should be cleaned beforehand so that the front make-up is no longer available. In addition, you should always take care to clean your hands. In other make-up applications, this may be more important than applying make-up correctly with mascara. Because here you usually come into direct contact with the make-up and can contaminate it. Before applying mascara correctly, you must shake the mascara well while it is closed and then turn the brush over in the container. This ensures that the brush is wet on all sides.

Important tips for applying mascara

The mascara should always be kept away from the eye until the end of the lash for a perfect result. It is best to start with the upper lashes and finish with the lower lashes. This gives the lashes a certain wobble. If you brush the lower lashes several times, the eyes look bigger.

If you want to create a particularly large volume of lashes, you can apply a base coat before applying mascara correctly. This is a mainly white substance that covers the lashes and makes them look even bigger and longer. The mascara then comes on top of this substance.

Mascara tips for correct application

Always have the same second mascara in front of you. Who knows how much is contained in these packs when you put them in the make-up kit? This can be especially annoying if you’ve already built up one eye and the second one is no longer enough. Exactly the same applies to the equipment. Before you start applying mascara correctly, you need to check that your equipment is complete. Not that something is missing and you’ll get into trouble later.

If it’s a new or first mascara, it can be applied to a small area of skin, such as a hand. If the skin turns red, you are allergic to mascara. If you apply the mascara correctly, it will no longer work, another mascara should be purchased. Mascara ingredients should be checked before purchase and especially if it is determined that you are allergic. Until it is clear what caused the allergic reaction, it makes little sense to buy a new one. If in doubt, a doctor should be consulted.

Mascara Makeup

At the end of the long day, make-up removal is essential. The risk of mascara getting into your eyes at night and getting dirty on bedding is simply too great. Even if it annoys you after a night of partying, anyone who has put on make-up for the next day after sleeping will have regretted it afterwards. Make-up removal is especially important with waterproof mascara, as it would be difficult to remove without your intervention.

The very first step, as with mascara, is to wash your hands and clean them properly. Put all the utensils you’ll need in one place and make sure they’re complete. The next step is to wet a cotton pad with a make-up remover, do not wipe the pad with game. First close one eye and place the slightly soaked cotton pad over the eye and allow the cleansing lotion to work briefly. Then pull the pad outwards and remove the mascara.

Repeat with the other eye. If the cotton pad is too full of mascara, take a new one and wet it too. If one wipe per eye is not enough, you can repeat the process until there is no more make-up on the eye. To see well, of course, as with mascara, you need a mirror and a good bright light so you don’t miss anything. Absolutely avoid rubbing hard, as this can cause eye irritation.