We all know them, the models with the dreamlike long hair, which is light as a feather and incredibly shiny, caressing the shoulders down to the hips. We enviously eye the best friend or work colleague who goes through life with such a splendid head of hair.

But after a certain length, the own hair doesn’t want to go along with it anymore, becomes thinner and thinner in the tips, the top hair breaks off and frays out and the playful swing is completely missing.

“What am I doing wrong with my hair care and which hair care tips for long hair can I use best for myself”, woman often asks herself at this point and has the mane shortened to shoulder length at the hairdresser.

But hair care for long hair does not have to be complicated. With just a few tricks we can achieve the longed-for whale mane, which is shiny and healthy.
Important tips for long hair are:

Important tips for long hair are:

Avoid strong heat: Most hairdryers, madder or straightening irons, curling irons are not good for hair health in the long run. It is therefore important to use a high-quality hairdryer that can also dry with cold air. For the other products the use of a heat protection spray is recommended. Both methods prevent the hair from drying out under the heat load.

Weekly hair treatment for hair and scalp: Hair is always the result of at least sufficient nutrient supply. There are two ways of doing this: from the outside with a hair treatment and from the inside with a vitamin-rich diet and in any case also with food supplements. Under these tips you will find a recipe for a hair mask against split ends.

Gentle styling: Use gentle styling methods. Loose scrunchies, high-quality brushes and hairstyles such as braids or chignons are essential for the care of long hair.

Cut hair regularly: The tips must be trimmed regularly, never wait longer than three to four months before visiting the hairdresser. One to two centimeters are then sufficient to make the long hair shine again.

This hair mask against split ends is rich in nutrients and helps the hair to become healthy.

  • 1 avocado
  • 2 tablespoons of aloe Vera gel
  • Juice from half a lemon
  • 1 tablespoon jojoba oil

Blend with a blender or hand blender until all ingredients are perfectly mixed.

Then the hair mask can be applied after a hair wash. Now you should give the hair conditioner 20 to 25 minutes time to take effect. Tip: Wrap the head in layers, first with cling film and then with a warming towel. Then you can wash it out with a neutral or homemade shampoo.

Hair care for fine hair

With fine hair many of us are beaten, it is tender, slippery and usually not very voluminous. If we now reach for the wrong hair care, it becomes even “flatter”, even more unexcited and boring.

Fine hair is the diva among hair types, because hardly any other structure makes life so difficult for us. Shortly after washing, everything is usually wonderful. The hair is shiny, voluminous and the curls – which can be conjured into fine hair surprisingly quickly – fit perfectly.

But a while later it usually was. Waves and curls have “hung out”, the hairline has shrunk and again we are sitting with a boring hairstyle on a date, in a business meeting or at the wedding of our best friend.

The grip to the strong and long lasting hairspray doesn’t help either, it either makes the fine hair heavy, which leads to dwindling volume or you use so much of it, which results in the “famous” helmet hairstyle.

The best way to care for fine hair is to follow these hair care tips:

Fine hair causes many styling problems and is not easy to care for. Therefore, the following tips are designed to make your hair stronger and more voluminous:

Castor oil for the hair: Castor oil can be rubbed regularly into the hair as a hair mask and onto the scalp. Over time, the hair can change and gain more structure and volume. Castor oil is especially popular with women with short eyelashes but who want more volume through darker lashes (MORE ABOUT HAIR RENEWAL AGENTS).

Blow-drying overhead: constantly catching and lengthening the hair while blow-drying is bad for the already sensitive hair. So simply use gravity and blow dry overhead. We have a guide to blow-drying your hair properly for you too.

Hair treatments: Never work hair treatments up to the hairline, but concentrate on the lengths and tips;

Hair care for thick hair

Hair care tips for thick and stubborn hair aim to keep the hair from getting out of control. Because although you are often admired and envied for so much fullness, thick hair is not undemanding. Thick hair tends to dryness in the lengths, so you have to treat the roots and tips separately with an appropriate hair care treatment.

Treating the roots is easy with thick and stubborn hair, but the lengths are more capricious. It is best to wash the roots thoroughly and avoid lengths and ends at first.

Hair care must be rich and oily. This prevents unattractive dryness and split ends. Intensive cures are excellent for thick, dry lengths and for styling you should use products such as wax or styling cream.

On the other hand, it is better to avoid products containing alcohol in hair care. These dry out the scalp and remove its oil.

Compared to thick and unruly hair, normal hair is naturally strong and frugal. A wash with a mild shampoo every third or fourth day and a rinse every now and then to maintain combability is enough to keep normal hair in place.

Perfect care for thick hair:

Apply hair treatments regularly: An intensive and rich treatment per week provides the hair with all necessary nutrients and a moisture depot.

Hair care against split ends

If possible, a chignon: The chignon is particularly good at protecting the hair. When it is tied, the hair or the tips of the hair do not come into contact with clothing that attacks the hair during movement.

Care with oil preparations: No matter whether argan oil, castor oil or olive oil (there are many more), if your hair is dry and brittle, you should treat your hair with them several times a week.