Chapped Lips In Winter - What Can You Do
Chapped Lips In Winter - What Can You Do

Most of us know this – as soon as the cold season arrives, you have to fight quickly with chapped and chapped lips. Not only are they uncomfortable and painful, they also look ugly and make it difficult or impossible to wear decorative cosmetics.

What you can do about Brittle Lipe in winter, what home remedies help and how you can prevent them in the future,

Why do so many people have chapped their lips in winter?

Your skin has special sebaceous glands, which act as a kind of drying shield. They protect the skin and keep it soft and supple even in icy weather. However, there are few sebum glands in the lips, so this natural protection is eliminated. As a result, the lips dry more quickly and become brittle and cracked.

Another cause of dry lips can be the usual moisturizing of the lips through the tongue. Although it offers a short-term remedy for the uncomfortable feeling of tension, in the long term it causes lip damage. Eventually, saliva evaporates, removing extra moisture from the skin.

In addition to the causes already mentioned, a vitamin deficiency can also be the cause of unsightly discomfort. Vitamin B2 deficiency can cause cracks in the corners of the mouth and rough lips.

What home remedies help with chapped lips?

But what can you do if it’s already too late? These are not only used as little helpers, but also taste delicious! Proven home remedies are honey, olive oil or even carrot juice which are quickly prepared and make your lips soft and smooth again in no time.

And these are the tried and tested miracle weapons that every one of us surely has at home:

Curd honey for chapped lips…

Honey is a treatment for chapped lips. It is not only delicious, but also has an antiseptic effect, which is why it is often used as a remedy. With dry lips, honey can considerably reduce the risk of germs colonizing. It is not for nothing that Lip Spa Lip Balm contains honey as one of its main ingredients.

Another tip: apply honey in combination with cheese curds! This delicious combination helps chapped and sore lips. The unique interaction of honey and curd offers several advantages: on the one hand, honey has an antiseptic effect and on the other hand, curd acts as a moisturizer. What’s more, it’s not only healthy, it’s also delicious – delicious.

Olive oil – provides a lot of moisture

Another home remedy can help make your lips soft and smooth – olive oil. It essentially has a nourishing and calming effect. Mixed with egg yolk, the oil makes the lips much smoother and smoother. Small cracks can be repaired more quickly and it also makes the lips more resistant.

To do this, apply the mixture for a few minutes and then carefully remove it with warm water, but without rubbing.

Carrot juice as an aid against chapped lips

Carrot juice is actually a real trick for chapped lips, but it is known to connoisseurs as a magical weapon for the skin. The nutrients contained in the juice maintain thin areas of skin and protect against other environmental influences.

Milking grease for a direct fat film

Milking fat is also a miracle help for broken lips. In winter, it protects with a direct film of fat that it forms. As a result, it prevents excessive loss of moisture and, moreover, does not contain any foreign substances that could furthermore dry out the skin.

Prevent chapped lips in the future

To be well prepared for the cold season and to survive the winter without chapped lips, there are a few things to keep in mind: it is essential to drink enough water. High water consumption not only has benefits for the body, but also has a positive effect on thin lip skin. Due to a basically liquid-covered need, the skin on the lips also has a certain elasticity. Means: Cracks are avoided in the first instance. An optimal water supply consists of about two litres per day. So go up to the bottle!

If you take our advice to heart, there’s nothing to stop a soft kissing mouth in winter!