The preparation

1. Always carefully remove lashes:

We all know that moment when you fall into bed exhausted in the evening and don’t feel like removing your make-up. Thorough make-up removal is not only important for clean skin, it is also essential for healthy and strong eyelashes. If you use a water-repellent or particularly stain-resistant mascara, you should rely on a very oil-based cleanser to gently remove make-up without rubbing hard.

Tip: Our blood orange cleansing balm is best suited for cleaning and caring for lashes.

2. Be careful with false eyelashes and eyelash serum:

We can well understand that the desire for long, full lashes quickly leads to simply sticking false eyelashes to the lashes. However, you quickly get into a vicious circle – the more eyelash glue you use, the more your lashes are broken and the more false lashes you will wear to get a good result. In addition, eyelash glue can irritate the eyes. Therefore, you should at least avoid false eyelashes in everyday life.

The eyelash serum is very exciting because it promises to stimulate the growth of lashes. However, you should also be careful here, because the serum is applied close to the eye and should therefore not contain any irritating or harmful substances. We therefore recommend that you look for natural serums with vegetable oils.

– The application

1. Never pump mascara

Whatever the reason for pumping the mascara several times during use – please refrain from doing so! This will pump air and bacteria into the product, which will help the mascara dry out. Natural cosmetic mascara in particular is sensitive after opening and does not last as long as conventional mascara.

If you want to apply more product on your lashes, you should apply it in several layers instead of trying to load a lot of product on the brush at once (see point 2).

Tip: Unscrew the mascara once and then put it back on to leave as little air as possible in the product.

2. Layer the mascara correctly on top of each other.

If you want to create a lot of volume, you usually make the mistake of applying several layers directly one after the other. But lumps develop quickly. To avoid this, leave a few minutes between coats to let your lashes dry.

3. Apply mascara in a zigzag motion.

This may be the solution for you if you often have problems with spider legs or lumps. The zigzag movement separates the lashes more effectively and distributes the color more evenly.

4. Don’t neglect the lash line

You should start the brush on the upper lash line and wash from there to the tips. This gives the lashes more volume and momentum.

5. Your eyes are bigger

Many particularly emphasize the lashes in the outer corner of the eye. But if you insist too much here, the eye appears smaller. On the other hand, if you want to enlarge your eyes, you should focus on the lashes at the highest point of the eyelid.

6. Never brush mascara on the edge of the eyelashes.

Especially in the beginning, the brush is often overloaded with too much product. Instead of wiping off the excess product from the edge, you should rather clean the brush with a cloth or similar. Otherwise, the excess product builds up on the edge and dries to form lumps that stick to the brush every time the mascara is screwed on and off, leaving unsightly clumps on your lashes.

7. Do not bend lashes with eyelash curlers.

In many beauty videos, the lashes are folded again after using a pair of eyelash curlers to create more momentum. However, we do not recommend doing this, as inked lashes can break and break off more easily. So if you like healthy lashes, you’d better not!

8. Wash lower lashes without staining

The lower eyelash line in particular ensures an annoyed sigh in the bathroom. Here it is difficult to wash the lashes without accidentally landing with the brush under the eye. It’s a little easier if you hold the brush vertically rather than horizontally.

More tips

1. When is it time for a new mascara?

As soon as the consistency of the mascara dries, you should stop using it. Also, always pay attention to changes in smell and colour! If you want to use your mascara completely before buying a new one, you can use the open crucible symbol on our products to find your way. This contains a number that indicates how long the mascara will last after opening.

2. Throw away the old mascara?

Under no circumstances should you continue to use the old mascara as it can cause eye irritation. A sustainable idea to recycle the brush is to completely clean the brush from the product. So you can carefully brush your lashes (or eyebrows) before applying make-up with the clean brush.

The clean brush is also handy if you want to remove one or two lumps from your lashes when applying makeup. With the clean brush, you simply carefully comb the washed lashes to remove clumps and separate stuck lashes.

3. Ingredients play a role

If you’re looking for a new mascara, you should also keep an eye on the ingredients. We recommend mascaras with high-quality vegetable oils that care for the lashes. Also pay attention to the colour of the pigments used. If you have sensitive eyes or just want to be careful, choose a mascara with natural ingredients.

4. Which brush should I choose?

The decision regarding the shape and size of the brush is entirely individual. Unfortunately, the only thing that helps here is to try it on and find out what works best for you. In general, people with short lashes can do better with short bristles, while people with long lashes can also use brushes with longer bristles.

Pay special attention to the size of your eyes. If you have small eyes, for example, you may find it difficult to get into all the corners with a large, rounded brush without touching the eyelid.

5. Coloured mascara

In addition to the classic black mascara, we also offer other bright colors. For a natural result, we recommend only highlighting the lash tips with colored mascara. As a base you use classic black. This gives you a nice shadow effect.