Best tips for skincare during the transition period

In the cooler season with changing temperatures, the skin is more stressed and therefore requires special skin care.

Due to the drier air, our skin also needs more moisture. In addition, there is the appearance of cold, constrictive blood vessels and poor blood circulation.

If you enjoy well-cared for and healthy skin, you must now choose the right products, otherwise skin tension occurs, which leads to itching and may even cause skin cracks later on.

The most important thing is that they provide the skin with sufficient moisture. At low temperatures, the sebum glands reduce the production of fat, so the skin dries out more quickly than in the summer. In addition, the dry air outside and the ambient air dried by the radiators do the rest.

Now our skin needs a skin care product that contains more fat than in the summer. It’s best to change skin care slowly, as the skin may tend to stain with a drastic change.

The skin needs moisture to be healthy.

During the day, of course, you must remember to drink enough to provide enough moisture from the inside. Ideally, at least 2 liters of tea or water a day.

Face care in autumn

There are enough skin care products to restore much needed moisture to facial skin. Although you should use a normal moisturizing face cream for daytime care, it is also advisable to pay attention to moisturizing ingredients at night. In the autumn, creams with additives such as shea butter or urea help the skin particularly well.

A milder cleansing milk is ideal for cleansing the facial skin so that the skin is not additionally dried out.

The face is exposed to particular stress, as it usually has to cope with the unfavorable conditions of the autumn outdoors, but the rest of our skin also needs special care.

Pedicure in the fall

Sometimes the skin on our feet suffers in autumn. But the feet can be well cared for with a foot cream, ideally with the addition of urea. Special foot baths with care oils are also available to stimulate blood circulation in the feet, which also makes the foot skin supple again. The resulting cornea can be rubbed with a pumice stone, but a corneal slicer can cause cracks and a strengthened cornea if it is not used correctly.

Personal care in autumn

Although the lack of moisture on the face and hands was noticeable, dry skin on the rest of the body was not so easy. In autumn, however, our whole body needs proper care. For the body, it is recommended to use a moisturizing body lotion or body oil. Pay attention to a correspondingly high fat content with added fats, such as various oils (argan oil, olive oil), shea butter or linolenic acid. It is best to apply your lotion or oil immediately after showering.

Particular attention should be paid to the elbows, which are prone to dryness. In general, however, all the skin on the body should be sufficiently moisturized.

Hand care in autumn

The lack of skin moisture in autumn often first appears on the hands. Low temperatures coupled with dry air are often felt quickly, as the sebaceous glands are unable to compensate for this.

With the right hand cream, our hands can quickly become beautiful again. It is best to use an appropriate cream in the morning and then reapply during the day when the skin becomes too dry again.

Ideally, you use a liquid hand washing soap that has been enriched with moisturizing additives (such as cream or Shea butter).

Lip care in autumn

To avoid chapped lips, the thin skin on the lips should be treated with a special lip care product, such as a lip balm with a higher fat content. This becomes more important with every day as temperatures continue to drop.
The sun protection factor is no longer so important when choosing.

Make-up in autumn

If possible, choose moisturizing makeup to suit the season. If you can’t do without a “normal” favourite product, you should apply a moisturizer first.

Autumn Mask

A special moisturizing mask is an ideal way to provide the skin with the right moisture very quickly. Ideally, you should treat yourself to such a mask at least once a week starting in early fall.

Peeling in the fall

Now that the tan has calmed down, the skin is often a little pale. A good peel is good for the whole body, especially the face. To refresh the complexion, you should choose a gentle peel that gently removes dead skin and dirt, especially in the autumn.

Sun protection in autumn

Although the sun is weaker in autumn, sun protection should not be omitted during the transition period. As a sun protection factor, the value ten is the absolute minimum, otherwise you should no longer be outside on sunny days if you want to do something good for your skin. Some experts recommend always using a certain amount of sun protection even when the sky is cloudy, so as not to promote skin aging. However, as winter approaches, the sun protection factor can still be reduced.

Bathing or showering?

In general, a shower puts less stress on the skin than a long bath in the bathtub.

The shower should not take too long and the temperature should not be too hot so as not to deprive your skin of its moisture. In general, you should be careful with special shower lotions or creams that moisturize the skin. Ideally, the products are even moisturizing and contain additives such as jojoba or urea.

If you can’t do without a bath in the fall, you should at least choose a product enriched with moisturizing ingredients as a bath additive. There are also special bath oils and other recommended bath additives, for example with mineral salts.

Indoor climate in autumn

The indoor climate has a great impact on our skin. Air humidity usually decreases in the rooms in autumn and thus damages the skin. In addition to the measures mentioned (creams and a lot of alcohol), the cause must also be corrected directly. If it is too dry in your four walls, you should consider getting a humidifier to increase the humidity accordingly.

Skin care for men in the fall

In general, all the advice applies equally to men’s skin, except for the advice on facial care. Creative men should definitely use moisturizing facial creams from a men’s skin care series. These products are less greasy and are therefore ideal for the male face, especially a shiny forehead is avoided. It is certainly not true that men’s skin needs less care than women’s, and sometimes only other products are recommended.

Skin care for children in autumn

In the case of young children in particular, adequate sun protection must always be provided as soon as they are outside. The clearer the child’s skin, the more sun protection is needed, but this can be further reduced in the autumn.
Frequent bathing in autumn has the well-known consequences of insufficient skin care (itching and cracking) in children.

The ideal skin care for autumn

In summary, it is important to ensure that skin care products in particular have the following properties:

  • moisturizing
  • adequate sun protection
  • sweet
  • lipid regeneration

Everyone can have beautiful and healthy skin in autumn

Skin care in autumn requires a little more attention than in summer, as you still have to think about sufficient sun protection as well as the appropriate body care products for drier skin. Ideally, one should not only react when the skin itches or flakes, but should give the skin the appropriate skin care products already at the beginning of the decreasing temperatures. It is recommended to apply creams in the morning and in the evening.
If you also absorb enough moisture through drinks, you can look forward to smooth and beautiful skin all autumn long. However, if you are a bit sad about darker skin, you can always help yourself with a high-quality self-tanner without having to forego the right skin care.