A Younger Look _ 9 Tips For Smooth Skin
A Younger Look _ 9 Tips For Smooth Skin

1st tip: Consistent sun protection

Hardly anything makes our skin age as quickly as UV radiation. It causes the formation of free radicals, aggressive molecules that destroy the supporting structure of the skin, causing wrinkles to form. UV light also increases the risk of skin cancer.

So if you want to look younger, you should always make sure you use good sun protection: Creams with a high sun protection factor, hats, sunglasses and clothing keep out the rays. At lunchtime it is better to go into the shade.

2nd tip: Supply supporting building materials

Our skin consists of about 70 percent collagen, which is a protein that forms supporting fibres and also acts as a water reservoir. Collagen is therefore contained in many cosmetic products. But when applied externally, it does not reach the inner layers of the skin. That is why it makes sense to absorb collagen building blocks through food and thus the blood circulation, for instance with collagen drinks.

3rd tip: Eat protective nutrients

Antioxidants that combat free radicals can prevent wrinkles: these include vitamins C and E and anthocyanins, blue-red plant dyes. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, broccoli and cabbage, vitamin E in vegetable oils and fish. Dark berries, such as red grapes and blueberries, provide plenty of anthocyanins. The yellowish-red carotenoids from tomatoes and carrots offer a certain amount of sun protection.

4th tip: Sleep a lot

At night the skin cells can regenerate thanks to the growth hormones released during sleep. Lack of sleep makes the skin pale and dry, wrinkles and dark circles appear. At least seven to eight hours of beauty sleep make us look younger.

5th tip: Take good care

Chemicals, heated air, daily showers – many factors rob the skin of fat and moisture. For this reason, gentle, soap-free products should be used for daily cleansing. Especially in the evening, dirt and make-up must be carefully removed. A cream adapted to the skin type is also important. And you can also care for the skin from the inside, for instance with collagen products.

6th tip: Lose the cigarettes

Smoking is poison for a youthful appearance. This is because tobacco smoke promotes the formation of free radicals, which promote collagen breakdown and thus wrinkle formation. This was impressively demonstrated by a US study on identical twins: just five years less “smoking history” made a twin look significantly younger than its genetic counterpart.

7th tip: Be careful with wine, beer and co.

Alcohol dehydrates, stresses the liver and robs the body of vitamin A. Unpleasant beauty consequence: The skin looks pale and unhealthy, tends to redden and ages faster.
A young blonde woman in a white bathrobe laughs at her partner and holds an open water bottle in her hand. Her partner opens an orange.
Plenty of fluids and antioxidants such as vitamin C support a younger appearance.

8th tip: drink copiously

A high fluid intake is good for the skin and makes us look younger. Because with plenty of water, tea or juice spritzers, the fluid reservoirs are always well filled, the complexion looks plump and shows fewer wrinkles

9th tip: stay relaxed

Constant frowning, blinking or pulling down the corners of the mouth can easily lead to the corresponding wrinkles being imprinted. If you are aware of your facial expressions, you can actively relax your face more often.